17th November 2011 – Astro Light

Heres the Doodle transfered to the computer at last.

I saw some quite obvious Images emerge from these lines but when I showed them to Mel he really couldn’t see them at all. I wonder if any one picks out the two futuristic figures for what they are. Have fun and see what you see, then let me know. 

Made me laugh how drugged up this looks, I take no recreational drugs but I could see how it could appear with that one.

Its taken me hours to scan this A2 abstract doodle onto a A4 scanner, It took me only an hour to draw typical.

Drawing was round Mels listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra’s ‘Birds of Fire’ on original Vinyl. Mel used to run a record shop before his Life fell apart and has shown me some wonders from the early 70’s. When Jazz Rock Fusion had a dirty sound and it was all going on in the Jam.

This Song is Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Miles Beyond from the Album Birds of Fire. Really playing with time signatures in a grand way.

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