23rd November 2011 – The Doodle Arrived or Sci-Fi Butterfly

Ive done it, its taken me half the day to focus enough to scan this in……

Ok I’ve turned off the main distraction to blog posting, Today that was the Smashing Pumpkins Earphoria a totally awesome compliation Soundtrack of various Pumpkins Performances thats also a Video Sound Bio Pic Movie Thing.
Before them it was Dan, which I gotta say was Awesome, Google+ have a chat room where you can actually both draw on the same Page. How awesome is that, and he was alble to listen to my music aswell. Was playing the Unicorns and because its awesome funny Indie Synth Pop I’ll post a vid of it.
Back to the A3 Doodle Story Frank!
I’d woken up at 3 am very aware that I needed to get up and do something if I was Ever to Sleep. This is so typical of the type of thing you draw at 3 in the morning. Tell me what you think of the Art and the Musical Awesomeness of the Unicorns,
Thanks for looking X

The Doodle Music
No , music just the breeze blowing in one ear and out the other, rustling the waves.
-Frank Allen 23-11-11 Operation Countdown 19 Days

A Quick Fishy Meaning
I read that Jung believed fish represent the unconcious mind, and that uncouncious is like the sea. I like that, there might be something in that. But what on earth does a Alien Moth represent?
A lot to get on with if I’m gonna mount this work and the others for Sale. 
Thanks for looking

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