Saturday Post – Automatic Drawing & Our Funky Form of Normality

Automatic Drawing done whilst listening to ‘The XX’ by Frank Louis Allen (me)
So I’m reliably informed what I draw is like Automatic Drawing. Which is basically true wikipedia list automatic writing as…

“Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer claims to be produced from a subconscious, and/or external and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content.[1]’’ 

That is exactly what I do, just with drawing so I googled it, as usual failed to find similar examples which pleases me. I’m pleased and very fortunate to be Unique :D.

Always pleased to know if somebody else does this aswell and check out there work. I know of a few on facebook already.

The Pain is finally Subsideing a little and hopefully soon here things will return to our funky form of normality.

Frank Louis Allen

Feel free to also connect with me on facebook and I will continue to supply my little tumbles with my Art at

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