About 3 weeks back I was invited to take part in a new online Community called autismbrainstorm.org being as I have been diagnosed as having a mild form of Autism and they dug my art. This was for the Social networking part of there website and every one involved is doing it voluntarily. So I jumped in…

I panicked and struggled as I always do when someone asks me to draw anything to purpose. If it was art it would of been done in an hour, this one took me a week of anxiety. Which is why I’ve never been able to Land a design job, but Somehow I think I just did one.

I was really pleased with the result, not what was asked for exactly but they like it too.

The site is for just about anyone on the spectrum or off bring a greater and positive understanding of Autism. So if your interested get involved.


The Construction and Deconstruction of a Noise Curtain – Original Art and Music by Frank Allen

New abstract art from the hidden depths of Franks Subconscious.

The Song is Noise Curtain by Frank Allen, the Art is an abstract piece Called Foliage….

http://www.frankart.co.uk Frank is a Partially Sighted artist on the Spectrum and slowly losing his vision to a disease of the Retina. ‘The Doodle shall Prevail’ he screams…..