Post for 15th November 2011

Probably one of my Favorites to sketch so far, It screams Rock and Roll. Although It came from a stressed environment, the football was on and I was hid away in My sisters farmhouse Kitchen. I love farmhouse kitchen Tables the chance of me ever having such a luxury slim to nil but enjoying someone else’s to draw on, Priceless.

This one, although quite easily drawn in Just about 2 Hours in my sisters Kitchen, was a Nightmare. Although It is just a single A2 Image, I had to scan it in 6 Sections on 2 different a4 Scanners just to get something I could match up. If it had been colour it would have been completely Impossible. I may have to sell some just to be able to afford a scanner to scan them in.

There was no music on but if there was I’d imagine it’d be cool but melencholy, so I’ll stick on some Bon Iver

Thanks for looking If anyone is interested in buying anything just let me know.
– Frank Allen

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