Today you get the not so good doodle of the 2 I did this evening……

It started with a phonecall last night from the hospital, operations not going to happen on moday, maybe sometime in Janurary. Then I got to go see the surgeon and the first thing he says is ‘this scans too old’ :O so no surgery until a new scan is done.

Looking on the brightside, plenty more art to come. The down side, Pain of course and more importantly I miss working with the kids a lot, they keep me sane.

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22nd November 2011 – The Daily Doodle Physcadelia Jungle/Arab Style

In the book shop today the Manager said to me ‘We were looking through the blog, Man you really like the fish and Eyeballs’’ LOL  I supose its a circles and Angles thing.
Drawn at Mels as usual, the House of the Doodle accompanied by not 70’s rock but really cool Arabian Beats.
The Music behind the Doodle.

Drawn to Arabesque Zoudge. The track is Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart – Yalili Ya Ain. Im looking for a copy of this CD right now.

This track and whole CD is so cool. Arab Sounds mixed with cool beats I think no one could dislike this.
Enjoy and please let me know what you think, or your thoughts on how I could Improve the blog would be most appreciated and as always all art for sale just contact me.
– Thanks for Looking Frank Allen 22/11/11

24th November 2011 – Daily Doodle The Needed War on Bruce Springsteen

Last night sitting in the Living room with Becky and this emerges……..

It seemed the obvious choice to call it War on Springsteen. There isnt much music that really really frustrates me, but Sorry BS Fans, all Bruce is a loser.

Its like he needs some kind of sound Injection. They call it Rock N Roll but to these ears, I’m not hearing the Rocking or the Rolling.

The Piece, as Usual its marker pen, this time on A2 folded to be A1. Come Fly With Me, was on BBC iPlayer and I was just drawing Random Lines as usual. The Whole Piece took the Usual hour Max. I think it represents kicking his lame butt. 😉 I might Digitize it at some point, I’m picturing a lot of RED here, or maybe Army Greens. A Big Reed White and Blue American, Gun Ho, Bonanza Maybe.

Let me know what you think of Bruce Lame Head, an if you strongly Disagree. Also let , me know if you want to buy anything. You’d be the first ever person to buy a piece of Frank Art.

The Blog is 2 Weeks Old Today and posting Daily.

– Thanks for Looking Please Comment

Frank Allen 24-11-11

Love to Guest Blog or Have Guest.

The first Doodle Cleaned up to The Groundhogs 1972 ‘Split’

The first ever daily Doodle cleaned up a bit. Contact me if you would like a print of it, or would like to buy the Original. My opertion is in three weeks now and Im still off work at the nursery.  The Music Behind The Doodle This first Doodle from last week and the blogs birth was also partially inspired by this Amazing album from 1972 by the Groundhogs called ‘Split’. This is at the very heights of 70’s fusion and it is Awesome to behold.

If I was in a band like this I’d think I had died and woken up in Paradise. – Frank Allen 19-11-11