Offical R.Dakota T-Shirt – Into the Digital Depths.

Im getting back into creating Digital piece’s especially since i have been performing music as R.Dakota. This was created mostly¬†from my own photography and a borrowed Iris. Since my procedure I have spending a lot more computer time, Hopefully in a few more days I will be doing more drawing again aswell but I do enjoy this computer stuff. I then went on to make it Avaliable as the first offical R.Dakota Tshirt on This Shirt on Redbubble.


OK I’ve done it my first officially released album of Music by R.Dakota or as anyname is available on Bandcamp. ‘I’ve been thinking about you lately’ is supposed to be challenging, raw, over emotional and crazy spontaneous. Every song on it is a little out there and I’ll be working on them further no doubt, but this is an initial moment of inspiration album. Think Daniel Johnston, Tom Waits, and Frank Black and go and check out R.Dakota on if you like a challenging yet emotional listening experience
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