Neo London Mega Shark 23.4 x 16.5 in Print by Frank Allen


This Doodle is called War on Bruce Springsteen. The guy does nothing for me, his full of the American way, in the wrong way. No bark that register’s with my ear drums like a lot of middle of the road music they call Rock. Maybe other people are hearing it on a different frequency….

A2 ib a Sketchpad took about 1 Hour I was watching come fly with me for lite relief.

– Frank Allen

 This is actually yesterday 12/12/2011.

My third Day of posting a daily Doodle. The bit at the front was purely abstract then the rest was intentional. ‘Way out, in the water, See in swimming’

Im off to Cambridge again, I’ll try add some illumination later.

– Thanks for looking enjoy. Frank 12/11/11

I’m really fond of todays Doodle had the usual inner debate over which way up to have it. A2 Sized makers on a sketch Pad.

Been listening to The Perfumed Garden’ the last John Peel show on Radio London before it was taken off  the air. Got to say the more Early TRex I heard the more I like it, essentially Marc Bolan is simply playing the Blues, extremely whimsical blues, but the real stuff never the less.

Please comment, discuss it makes my Day, Enjoy the Doodle.

– Frank Allen 15.12.11 18.21 GMT

I’d say this is the first Doodle that made me think maybe these doodles might even be Art to someone.

All the Doodles are done Abstractly without me intentionally adding any lines until they begin to form into shapes with a life of there own.

Frank Allen  25 12 11

Think this would look really good on a wall
Art done on A2 as always by Frank Allen thats me. Sat round Mel’s Place in the usual abstract manor. Its growing on me each time I see it.

I think these post are getting Latter and Latter. Today is a Momentous Day got my first ever piece of Art in a shop. My Local book shop in Biggleswade Suzie’s. They have room allocated for more so I’m on to mounting them pronto.

So weird I only started doing Abstract Art for just Art sake, not some Graphic Design rubbish Course four Weeks back and I feel a lot has change. I’ve found a way to chill out and Let go with the prospect of something useful at the end. All the skills for finishing and mounting, scanning, like they have at last came together for a unplanned purpose.

The Music

The Art was done at Mels last Saturday night, took about an hour to draw, Markers on A2.  I cant remember what so here something as far offy from Zappa as aman can get but a great tune by Mathew Ryan, totally honest song writer and completely honest


Missing Nico 🙂

Thanks for looking, Tomorrow I guest On Arjun’s Blog and He guest’s on Mine so that will be super cool. – Frank 02 12 11 22.47

24 12 11 Daily Doodle Abstract Mucha Art Deco Spider Girl Doodle

Living off Sushi right now, forgot how much I love that stuff 🙂

Abstract Mucha Art Deco Spider Girl Doodle

The Art… Went for a walk in the bitting hail and rain and came back turned off the computer and finished this. This nothing Like being dry whilst walking threw bitting hail in the Dark listening to music.

When I got in I put on a rare vinyl and finished this off Marker Pens on A2 paper. Then this morning I recoloured some colours on photoshop ready to post. 

– Frank Allen 24 12 11 17.29

The Music… A Awesome colloborations of mordern musiciansVic Chesnutt’s album  North Star Deserter featuring heavily  A Silver Mount Zion, and another personal fave DC Hardcore ledgend Guy Picciotto from Fugazi. The music can not fail to move at some level.

When I Got in I put on a rare Velvet Underground Vinyl I picked up in Cambridge called Orange Disaster, It was pretty rough recordings but still really cool to draw to, John Cale was still there and that was the important thing. Here they are doing a Tract Nirvana would later cover, Enjoy.