Another Glimpse into the backwards creative process for the Creation of Battle by Frank Allen

Plus music by Frank Allen


The Construction and Deconstruction of a Noise Curtain – Original Art and Music by Frank Allen

New abstract art from the hidden depths of Franks Subconscious.

The Song is Noise Curtain by Frank Allen, the Art is an abstract piece Called Foliage…. Frank is a Partially Sighted artist on the Spectrum and slowly losing his vision to a disease of the Retina. ‘The Doodle shall Prevail’ he screams…..

Rise Up Rise Up Space Baboon by Frank Allen

Today’s Doodle was created last Friday evening, took just half an hour. I dose not feel finished so I am going to attack it with some colours next week, after I complete my hugh Doodle backdrop on card.

The Doodle just Went HD

New Equipment to Photograph and Video the Art in the Post 😀

Totally broke but I Think its a necesary investment?

HD Web CamMicrosoft LifeCam Studio Full HD 1080p

It works on Ubuntu I checked Phew…

Exciting x


I’d say this is the first Doodle that made me think maybe these doodles might even be Art to someone.

All the Doodles are done Abstractly without me intentionally adding any lines until they begin to form into shapes with a life of there own.

Frank Allen  25 12 11