Canvas of Chaos V by Frank Louis Allen

Avaliable now on Etsy.

Framed $320 / Unframed $260

Dash15 Canvas of Chaos 5

I see in this shadow figure blocking the roadway, effectively himself at his worst halting all advacement. This piece steamed from a drawing on a scrap of paper I created durring a live music festival. It was a experimental music festival I an upstairs room of a design studio and I drew for a solid 8 hours in a little lined pad. I was interviewed by local Luton news but it was never aired.

Sale info: This piece is for sale framed or unframed. Avaliable on my Etsy. If you are in the Fort Wayne area you can go see it firsthand during September at the Dash-In.

dash in exhibiton

18th November 2011 – Jupiter Explodes or ‘So What happened as the Doodle’…

It may just be that I’m really really tired, but Ive never like this A2 sized marker pen doodle from start to finish. It began on Wednesday night at Mels as usual but I was in a overtired state hiding from emotional extended family so not a good start all ready. I was blindly adding Layer upon Layer as the music went on and I got tireder and tireder until finally I called it quits. One of the rare occasions where I didn’t melt into¬†
the doodle.
So it started off a abandoned birth, the mother stoned for conceiving it and then grew by its own strength despite any will left on my part into an unholy monster, how weird is that one?
The Music
Was listening to a 60’s experimental outfit led by Sun Ra, even weirder than the picture even by oddly relaxing.

Thanks for looking – Frank 18/11/11 feeling tired and Grumpy