A Plea from a Struggling Artist

to be honest with you guys desperately need any kind of money at all.
So make me an offer on any original Doodle art from the blog, been off with my back for six months Desperate times ;).

Just email franklouisallen@hotmail.co.uk with any interest

Spread the Word, will post to anywhere and do a completely original doodle if you want one any one from this album original or print……



Art : Relaxation Vs Life

I’m not in business or in Design, I’m someone who disovered over the last few week that he really relaxes making Art but also I’m Just a Classroom Assistant so any sales would be highly welcomed.

Plus I’d love my art to be appreciated and even talked about in peoples homes maybe. That would really make me happy.

So I’ve set up this FrankArtCoUk shop on Etsy. Im selling some of the Originals and I can get a print of anything I’ve done.

I can also quite cheaply do Commissions just Email or Inbox me. If your interested in any of it just inbox ne at.