Grub Baby and the Infinite Pillar of Light by Frank Louis Allen

Avaliable now on Etsy.

Framed $460 / Unframed $380

Sale info: This piece is for sale framed or unframed. Avaliable on my Etsy. If you are in the Fort Wayne area you can go see it firsthand during September at the Dash-In.


Still on ebay for anotherr 2 DAys and only $2 my first Art on ebay experiment XD


An experiment in fashion.

This is a one of a kind hand Drawn T-shirt. Using a 200 Red hot Chili Peppers LA tour T-shirt as a canvas. is on ebay currently for $2. 20% of the final amount goes to fighting my Eye Disease.

Bidding Is on until Sun 15th April 11.50 pm PDT