Piece 32 by Frank Allen

Photogrph of Piece 32 of 40 Done in the past 14 weeks since I started making Art on my time off from being a classroom Assistant. All up for grabs soon at shop.frankart.co.uk this one will be the cheapest because its the creepiest.

My Phone just didnt want to upload this last night.

This one had things in it both ways up so I felt I hadnt to show both which leads to a cool symetry anyways….

Daily Doodle 30 November 2011 Frank Zappa Overload

Quite obviously this ones a little charged with something weird. Just did it listening to a ultra Frank Zappa instrumental Vinyl round mels.
t was good but a little crazy, and not completely abstract. but even this wasn’t as crazy as the nights other offerings which will come up soon. 
I think me and Mel journey a little to deep into the unravellings state brought on by to much Zappa.
AS allways please do comment and thanks for looking.
– Frank Allen 30 11 11 22.36