Here’s my Drawing of Magic from 2011 when I Started doing Art again.
#illustratiin #horse #magic (at Jennifer Ford Art)


Disapointing but I think Lesson Learnt, 3 hours wasted. Should of started with a better Picture of the horse, the photo was a snap shot down the common. My heart just wasn’t in the shading.
Makes me happy to go back to the abstract..

First Horse by Frank Allen

 I used to like to do pencils drawing when I was at upper schoolbut havnt done any since. Using the different pencil thickness’s, not knowing how to draw, they all have daunted me I suppose.

So I thought I would try an experiment and do a freehand Drawing. My sister has to draw a drawing of a horse for a client, So I thought I’d have a Experiment and try to draw the same horse with Pencils on A3 sized paper. Ive never draw a landscape, horse, or fence, so its all new to me.

Was pleased it came out at all and found the whole thing to be really relaxing.