Hidden Pianos Detail
#illustration #igersfortwayne


got the incredible privilege of drawing live at a piano concert at Sweetwater by the amazing Mat Savage today. I call the piece ‘Hidden Pianos’.
My head is a buzz now my neurons shooting off like canons. Met a lot of cool people waiting for my over socialized brain to switch down a gear. 🙂
#igersfortwayne #illustration #liveart (at Sweetwater)

Introducing my first Charcoal Sketch since school. 🙂 from my series of drawings of Sayaka Kajita GanzS sculptures at Jennifer Ford Art.
I felt at peace sketching these.
#igersfortwayne #illustration #charchoal (at Jennifer Ford Art)

Had a lot of fun sketching Ganz’s masterpiece today at Jennifer Ford Art. So Special and right here in Fort Wayne.
#sculpture #foundart #sketch #illustration #igersfortwayne (at Jennifer Ford Art)