Still working on a Cover. Have the books name. ‘We are the Tide’
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I’m really fond of todays Doodle had the usual inner debate over which way up to have it. A2 Sized makers on a sketch Pad.

Been listening to The Perfumed Garden’ the last John Peel show on Radio London before it was taken off  the air. Got to say the more Early TRex I heard the more I like it, essentially Marc Bolan is simply playing the Blues, extremely whimsical blues, but the real stuff never the less.

Please comment, discuss it makes my Day, Enjoy the Doodle.

– Frank Allen 15.12.11 18.21 GMT

23 12 11 Pyschadelia Fairy Tale Rampage NEXT SAHB


The Art

Not Completely happy with this image, but make what you will of it. I think after its uploaded to the blog I’m going to go no computers for at least 24 hours I’m feeling completely Irradiated.

I see some kinda psychedelic thing going on. My friend Mel saw a shrimp,  saw a fairy Tale mum saw a metamorphosis. Say what you see…

– Frank Allen 23 12 11 14.39 GMT

The Music Heres a Video of a cool tune from the Insane Alex Harvey. He used to be a teem Idol and he became a Rock and Roll Ledgend.


Really Jolly Doodle for the start of this week, Its got a mix of Playful and commotion about It, sounds like my last weekend. Markers in an A2 Sketch Pad.

Cant remember, or don’t know what I was listening to with Mel when I drew This. So I’ll just post a good song with It. I’ve been in a bit of a Attention Deficit hyper focused, exhausted state this weekend, so pleased Ive kept posting.

Song is  really Cool by Frank Black sort of match’s how im feeling right now lol

Did some really trippy ones over the weekend brought on by Exhaustion.

– Thanks for looking Frank x

— at Mels Place again.