I call this Samurai Ratsuki I drew it a year ago and forgot to ever share it.

Frank Louis Allen


Drew this one afternoon rounds Mels. Conversation was going on around me. Mel was insightful enough to hand me his A3 Sketchpad. It took about an hour and as soon as I started to draw I relaxed as always. – Frank 30 12 11

I’m really fond of todays Doodle had the usual inner debate over which way up to have it. A2 Sized makers on a sketch Pad.

Been listening to The Perfumed Garden’ the last John Peel show on Radio London before it was taken off  the air. Got to say the more Early TRex I heard the more I like it, essentially Marc Bolan is simply playing the Blues, extremely whimsical blues, but the real stuff never the less.

Please comment, discuss it makes my Day, Enjoy the Doodle.

– Frank Allen 15.12.11 18.21 GMT