The Life Aqautic by Frank Louis Allen

Avaliable now on Etsy.

Framed $340 / Unframed $280

Dash22 The Life Aquatic

This piece is inspired by the soundtrack to a film from one of my favourite directors, Wes Anderson. I plan to do a series in the future. It was not one of my favourites but it has really grown on me. Especially as it was the poster for my Exhibiton the Visual Subconcious at Jennifer Ford Art last year.

Sale info: This piece is for sale framed or unframed. Avaliable on my Etsy. If you are in the Fort Wayne area you can go see it firsthand during September at the Dash-In.

dash in exhibiton



Saturday Post – Automatic Drawing & Our Funky Form of Normality

Automatic Drawing done whilst listening to ‘The XX’ by Frank Louis Allen (me)
So I’m reliably informed what I draw is like Automatic Drawing. Which is basically true wikipedia list automatic writing as…

“Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer claims to be produced from a subconscious, and/or external and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content.[1]’’ 

That is exactly what I do, just with drawing so I googled it, as usual failed to find similar examples which pleases me. I’m pleased and very fortunate to be Unique :D.

Always pleased to know if somebody else does this aswell and check out there work. I know of a few on facebook already.

The Pain is finally Subsideing a little and hopefully soon here things will return to our funky form of normality.

Frank Louis Allen

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