First Day of My Life Bright Eyes Cover by La Dolche Vita

A new track fromn La Dolche Vita – Frank Louis Allen and Jonny Hillman


I need a note book :)

Frank: errrmmmmm maybe I need a banner
Follower 1: Where’s my doodle inspired by the band ‘Teens on Fire’
Frank: 😮 sounds interesting
Follower 2: Do you ever create Art out of Alphabetti Spaghetti, plastic cutlery, and narcotics?
Frank: No drugs used just my wandering brain
Follower 2: oooh Darn’it
Follower 3: and where’s my drawing of the Japanese girl band ‘of we three mega kinky girls’
Frank: ???? 🙂
Frank: Focus Boy Focus,
I’m on it