• On the Radio Today Mon 21st

Here the Link fom when I’m on Blog Talk Radio later with Ryan Comins. My first  time on a Radio show. Its on at 6pm UK  Time 1 pm EST, and 10 am PST.
I’ll be chatting about Art and Spectrum issues with Ryan who also has PDD-NOS Autism.


Just need another 35 Votes to get my Art in a show in Times Square.

All you need to do is click this link and then click collect me.

If you like my art and think me deserving we can so do this.

Vote for Me in Times Square NY and please share to get me there 😀


Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News Colour Version by Frank Louis Allen

Request by broadwaytiger

Any Requests

If you’d like me to draw to your bands music, or a particular favourite band just ask….

The Construction and Deconstruction of a Noise Curtain – Original Art and Music by Frank Allen

New abstract art from the hidden depths of Franks Subconscious.

The Song is Noise Curtain by Frank Allen, the Art is an abstract piece Called Foliage…. Frank is a Partially Sighted artist on the Spectrum and slowly losing his vision to a disease of the Retina. ‘The Doodle shall Prevail’ he screams…..