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Post for 15th November 2011

Probably one of my Favourites to sketch so far, It screams Rock and Roll. Although It came from a stressed environment, the football was on and I was hid away in My sisters farmhouse Kitchen. I love farmhouse kitchen Tables the chance of me ever having such a luxury slim to nil but enjoying someone else’s to draw on, Priceless.

This one, although quite easily drawn, This one in Just about 2 Hours, at the table my sisters Kitchen
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Jonny Hillman Vocals Frank Allen Music

The Picture makes me Laugh but the song is cool for a first try at being serious.

I (Frank) Wrote the guitar years ago one of the rare times I can remember how to play a song. Jonny Spontaneous came up with some lyrics. A Good session.

A better cut, havn’t got the electric version of the machine yet..


I’d say this is the first Doodle that made me think maybe these doodles might even be Art to someone.

All the Doodles are done Abstractly without me intentionally adding any lines until they begin to form into shapes with a life of there own.

Frank Allen  25 12 11