People of the Seven Moons. Anxiety driven telephone doodle by Frank Louis Allen.
Phone calls such a simple task yet the thing my brain finds the hardest.
#spectrum #autismstandwithme #illustration (at Jennifer Ford Art)


About 3 weeks back I was invited to take part in a new online Community called being as I have been diagnosed as having a mild form of Autism and they dug my art. This was for the Social networking part of there website and every one involved is doing it voluntarily. So I jumped in…

I panicked and struggled as I always do when someone asks me to draw anything to purpose. If it was art it would of been done in an hour, this one took me a week of anxiety. Which is why I’ve never been able to Land a design job, but Somehow I think I just did one.

I was really pleased with the result, not what was asked for exactly but they like it too.

The site is for just about anyone on the spectrum or off bring a greater and positive understanding of Autism. So if your interested get involved.